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A life story includes a full summary of a persons life, from their birth until their death or until they arrived in North America.


Get help translating old letters your ancestors received from their loved ones who were left behind.

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Current bigger project

Swedish ancestors is currently working on a translation of John Melander's diaries. It's a collaboration with Swedish American Heritage Online. It's John Melander's granddaughter Gloria Melander Jorgenson who has supplied the diaries ranging from the years 1886 to 1923. John Melander was a Swedish immigrant who came to America in 1842. The diaries starts in 1887 when John Melander lives on his farm in Minnesota with his wife Elna and their three boys; Gustaf, Emrik and Henrik.

You can follow the progress on Swedish American Heritage Online's webpage.


John Melander with his wife Elna and their three boys Gustaf, Emrik and Henrik.